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In Dubai, office workers need some body massage

Office workers in Dubai are sedentary for a long time, and many people have improper sitting posture, coupled with irregular diet, many people have gastrointestinal problems, cervical spondylosis, dry eyes, and some people often feel dizzy and calf pain. Facing these physical problems question. Office workers have more or less gastrointestinal diseases and cervical spondylosis. They should also pay attention to moving more when they are in the office. Let's take a look at the Dubai body massage methods for health care and disease prevention for office workers.

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Massage in Dubai Home
Dubai Massage Full Service - Jolin

First of all, do you have a back strain? There are two judgment methods. First, touch the waist with your hands, it is hard and has a strip-like nodule. In addition, when the waist is usually hard and sore, it has already suggested that there may be waist and muscle strain, but when this happens after two hours of continuous sitting, it indicates that the lumbar muscle is strained. Office workers and driving for a long time are high-risk groups for waist strain. In addition, women who stand for too long in high heels are also prone to burden the waist. Here is how to use massage to help you stay healthier.

There are several main reasons for the formation of lumbar muscle strain. In addition to the congenital spinal deformity with unbalanced muscles on both sides, acute lumbar sprain cannot be ignored. Some people often apply some ointment without treatment, sometimes resulting in chronic strain. In addition, due to people's lack of awareness of body self-protection, lumbar muscle strain is caused.

The most common cause is cold. Especially in Dubai, due to the high temperature on weekdays, I don’t pay attention to the air conditioner during naps, sleep at night, and sleep with half-open windows at night, and take cold baths after drinking. To protect our waist, we must first prevent cold. For long-term desk work and computer workers, you can stretch your hands up and back every hour to relieve waist fatigue

Specific massage in Dubai methods

1. For long-term desk work and computer workers, you can stretch your hands up and back every hour to relieve waist fatigue.

2. In addition, you can squat and tuck your knees and bow your back to relax and exercise the psoas muscles.

At the office or while driving, you can master some relatively simple self-massage or Dubai Massage at Home methods. You can pat the key position of the waist with both hands. The easy way to find it is to translate the position where the navel is facing the waist by 30 cm. This method can be used as a daily health care program. Even if there is no lumbar muscle strain, regular massage can prevent aging. Massage the waist with the palm of your hand, so that the waist can be massaged with the help of family members to relax the waist. You can also choose to massage yourself at home through friends or family members to achieve health care. Of course, you can also give your family a waist massage if you learn simple massage methods by yourself.

1. Rub the waist with the palms to relax the waist. At the same time, for people who do not have the habit of massage, it is also a process of accepting the habit. You may also need some knowledge of knee massage, it is also important.

2. Separate the thumb and four fingers and massage the waist. At the same time, the hands can also be shaken along the waist to relax the waist.

3. Press the waist with your elbows. You can press for a while where you feel the most sour and sleepy.

4. Rub the waist with the palm of your hand, and you can also use the massage oil. At the same time, the palm can also cooperate with the action of slapping.

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