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In Dubai, massage these three parts of the body every day will give you amazing experience

Nowadays, in Dubai, people generally have a fast pace of life. Many people work very busy in their lives. It is easy to have a long-term busy work that can not take care of the body. However, everyone always has a certain rest time. When resting, you can massage some parts of the body. It is very good for your health. What are the specific locations? Follow the small series and look down.

Helen is from Japan, she is the best masseuse of full body Massage.

Dubai Massage Body to Body

Massage these areas is good for your health:

1, the front chest.

Studies have found that the thymus of the chest is one of the important organs that dominate the body's entire immune system. The immunologically active peptide substance secreted by the thymus has a certain anti-cancer effect.

It is recommended that during daily leisure, you can use your hand to slap and massage the front chest. The massage range is from the neck to the heart socket. Massage 1~200 times a day. You can effectively activate the thymus and prevent it. The effect of cancer resistance.

2, abdominal umbilicus.

This part is a position that Chinese medicine attaches great importance to. It is called "the god" in Chinese medicine. If you always insist on massaging the abdomen, you can play a good effect of replenishing the lungs and strengthening the kidneys. And massage the abdomen can also help the arteriosclerosis, three high diseases and other diseases.

When using a body massage, it is recommended to use both hands to overlap, press on the navel, moderately exert force, then pay attention not to suffocate, and massage the abdomen around the navel clockwise. For those who exercise less daily, they can use their hands to beat the abdomen in their leisure time or during a walk, which can promote the metabolism of the abdomen.

3, the neck.

Today's office workers are almost always sitting and working all day. For a long time, it is easy to make the neck stiff and cause abnormal blood circulation in the neck. When the blood circulation in the neck is abnormal, it will affect the blood circulation of the whole body. Many people will have numbness due to cervical spondylosis.

When you have nothing to do, you can massage the neck more. This can promote blood circulation in the neck and is very effective in preventing cervical spondylosis.

On the other hand, the foot/leg massage, back massage are all good for your body.

What do you need to pay attention to during massage?

The first thing to note is that when you massage, you need to control the strength. Some people think that the heavier the massage, the better the effect, but it is not. If the massage is too hard, it will bring counter-effects, which may cause skin congestion or muscle damage, which is a bit worthwhile.

Secondly, massage is just like exercise, and it needs to be carried out step by step. It's not that you can see the immediate effect of a massage twice or twice. Pay attention to the massage in your life. After a long time, you will find changes in your body.

Finally, the number of massages should be appropriate. Do not give massage to the body because of the massage. Repeat the massage several times a day. There is a limit to the stimulation of our muscles that can withstand external forces. Excessiveness will not bring good results.

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