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How to use essential oils for massage in Dubai

Last time, we introduce some precautions of the essential oil massage. Maybe some people have already do that on time, but some people will question why the real use effect of essential oils is always much worse than the effect displayed in its publicity. They can't get the experience just like the article says. In fact, the effect of essential oils is not magnified, but you are not using them properly. The unscientific nature of the oil has been discounted.

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1. The essential oil which is fit for you can be effective.

In fact, different essential oils will be developed for different groups of people in Dubai. You can't see which ones are good for others. You can use them directly. You need to know that each person's physique and characteristics are different. There will also be differences.

Therefore, the essential oil you want to use must be purchased according to your own physical characteristics. If you don't understand enough, then you can do some research about the essential oil and need to find a special shopping guide to consult and purchase when you choose.

2. Different ways of using gets different effects

There are so many ways to use essential oils, such as body massage, spraying, many methods have different effects. You should choose the right one according to the ideal effect you want. the way. For example, if you want to refresh yourself with the fragrance of essential oils, then the best way is to incense.

If you want to let essential oils moisturize your skin, then you need to apply essential oils after your bath and then have a warm massage to promote better absorption of essential oils. It is necessary to choose the most appropriate way to use it for your own needs.

3. Dilute essential oils need to be in a specific proportion

Because the essential oil is super high purity, when you use it, you usually need to dilute it according to your needs. This will be seen in the instructions of the essential oil. When you are diluting, don’t just casually Diluted by yourself, the ratio of your dilution is different, then the effect will definitely be much worse, therefore, you need to pay attention to dilute the essential oil.

The effect of always dispelling essential oils is not as good as that in publicity. In fact, it is caused by the wrong way of using them. Therefore, remember to use them correctly to harvest the results you are satisfied with.

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