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Essential Oil Massage In Dubai Can Relieve Menstrual Discomfort

Many women in Dubai will have various symptoms of discomfort during menstruation. Using essential oil massage can effectively relieve women's various discomforts during menstruation and improve the quality of sleep. Scientists have found that women before menstruation who do 15 minutes of essential oil massage in Dubai every day will reduce all kinds of discomfort during menstruation by 50%.

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Massage in Dubai Body to Body
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As we know, the essential oil massage in Dubai can help girls lose weight, because through the stimulation of massage, the essential oil can clear the lymphatic tissue after infiltrating into the skin, eliminate accumulated toxins, help break down fat, and can also remove excess water in the body, so it can detoxify and effectively tighten the skin. Using the Dubai full body massage with essential oil method can make the body muscles more tight and slim, and drive away the annoying puffiness.

Facial massage can achieve beauty effects:

It can promote the blood circulation of the skin, promote cell regeneration, and restore the elasticity of the skin. In addition, using essential oils to massage the skin has the effect of adjusting the skin's oil secretion, maintaining the acid-base balance of the skin, preventing the accumulation of skin oils, avoiding various obstructions, and avoiding skin aging.

Use anti-spasmodic essential oils to gently massage the abdomen, which usually resolves the menstruation quickly. In addition to slightly reducing physical pain, essential oils can also take care of emotional problems. With these kinds of essential oil, the body to body massage in Dubai will be more effective that usual.

The first three essential oils with the best antispasmodic effect are marjoram, lavender and chamomile. There are several antispasmodic essential oils that also have the effect of regulating menstruation, that is, these essential oils can promote normal menstrual cycles or increase menstrual blood flow. Women with normal or high menstrual blood flow should avoid using these essential oils to treat dysmenorrhea, so as not to increase menstrual blood flow by mistake. Such essential oils include clary sage, myrrh, and sage, while other essential oils such as basil, juniper, fennel, and rosemary may have similar effects.

Some women always have a lot of menstrual blood flow, which makes them very troubled. Cypress, geranium or rose essential oils all have the function of regulating menstrual blood flow. All kinds of menstrual problems are very suitable to use rose oil to deal with, because it will not directly increase or decrease menstrual blood volume or even change the menstrual cycle. On the contrary, it can adjust the menstrual cycle and also has the effect of regulating the uterus. If you have chance to get a bath, you can try the massage to lose weight after that.

At the same time, dysmenorrhea sometimes accompanies constipation. The following essential oils can be used: chamomile, cypress, geranium, lavender, sage, mint, marjoram, rose, and rosemary.


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