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Dubai Massage Can Quickly Relieve Air Conditioning Headaches

In Dubai, in daily life, because of the daily high temperature, many times the air conditioner is turned on 24 hours a day. Many people experience headaches after blowing on the air conditioner, and sometimes the pain is so severe that they have to rest in bed. Headaches from blowing air conditioners are a very common phenomenon, which is a manifestation of insufficient blood supply to the brain caused by vasoconstriction in the brain. If accompanied by dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, tinnitus, insomnia and other symptoms, it may be nervous headache. So how to quickly relieve the hair dryer headache? In fact, the easiest way is to massage. A simple head massage or simply a full body massage in Dubai will immediately relieve headache symptoms.

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In fact, many people will find that after blowing cold wind, they are prone to headaches. For this phenomenon, you can take a rest immediately, do a relaxing and soothing massage on the head, of course, you can also drink a little hot water to relieve headaches. In the same night, you can even try a massage in Dubai at home. If you often experience headaches after blowing cold wind, you should pay attention to it, which may be caused by some diseases.

1. Massaging the head with moderate strength is an effective way to relieve headaches. The temple is an important location for migraine massage. You can use your index finger to press, and you can use your fist to gently rotate the massage back and forth from the temple to the hairline. Or after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night, use the middle fingers of both hands to massage the temples in circles, first massage 10 times clockwise, and then massage 10 times counterclockwise, for several days, it can relieve the symptoms of headache attacks.

2. Using yoga and meditation is a new way to treat migraines. You can listen to some soft music, close your eyes and meditate for a while when you have a headache, and let the harmonious sounds of nature make you forget the pain.

3. Because the head is originally in a relatively warm environment, after encountering cold stimulation, intracranial blood vessels constrict and then cause changes in cerebral blood flow; or brain stem neuron dysfunction secondary to changes in cerebral blood flow and headache. Generally Take a good rest and sleep and you'll be fine.

There are also several methods you can also refer to:

1. Hot compress. When you have a headache due to blowing, it is best to rest in bed, apply a hot towel to the painful area, and massage gently, the pain can be relieved naturally. Using your index finger or fist to massage back and forth between the temple and the hairline can effectively relieve headaches.

2. Facial relaxation exercises. Facial relaxation exercises can relieve head muscles and relieve headaches. The specific movements include raising eyebrows, squinting, frowning, opening mouth, making faces, moving the jaw, etc. These movements can be repeated until the pain is relieved.

3. White chrysanthemum treatment. Take an appropriate amount of white chrysanthemum, add water, boil it, you can drink the chrysanthemum tea or pour it into the washbasin, and then steam the head while it is hot. The volatile oil, flavonoids and trace elements contained in it have a certain therapeutic effect on nervous headache.

4. Fumigated vinegar. Heat equal parts vinegar and water, and the acetic acid in the heat will disperse in the air, which has a bactericidal effect and can relieve headaches at the same time, which is a very good remedy.

The above are quick relief methods for hair dryer headaches, the most direct one is massage. Other methods include hot compress, facial relaxation exercises, white chrysanthemum treatment, fumigated vinegar treatment, etc. People who are prone to headaches after blowing the wind must pay attention to keeping warm at ordinary times. It is best to wear hats and scarves in cold weather and do not stay outdoors for too long. In addition, pay attention to the balance between work and rest, avoid overwork and staying up late for a long time, do not try the physical exercise, if you want losing weight this time, you can try some hip massage. And ensure adequate sleep, and eat less irritating food as much as possible.

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